Advanced Veterinary Dental Instruments Used For Tooth Extraction

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Veterinary dentistry has evolved with the innovation of advanced animal dental instruments. The ergonomically designed dental tools made of high-quality material have made the job easier for veterinary dentists.

Among hundreds of veterinary dental instruments, tooth extraction tools are the most frequently used. Therefore, these are more advanced compared to other animal dental tools.

The two most common veterinary dental extraction instruments include dental elevators and extraction forceps. Veterinary dental experts have designed various types of these forceps and elevators, making the extraction procedure more efficient and less traumatic.

Here, we will discuss innovative tooth extraction instruments and learn how they have made procedures easier for veterinary dental surgeons.

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Veterinary Dental Instruments For Efficient Tooth Extraction

As mentioned above, the most common animal dental extraction instruments include elevators and forceps. Both tools come in multiple variations.
Each updated version of the extraction instruments has modernized the techniques and procedure.

Let’s have an overview of the different types of tooth elevators and extraction forceps used in veterinary dentistry.

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Dental Elevators

In modern animal dentistry, advanced tooth elevators have a vital role, and credit all goes to the animal dental experts who brought innovations to these instruments.

Tooth elevators help veterinary surgeons cut the periodontal ligaments and elevate the tooth by loosening it from the roots. Thus, they make the extraction procedure easier and less traumatic.

Veterinary dentistry elevators come in various types and variations, some of which are as follows.

•   Luxating Winged Elevator

The luxating winged elevator is the advanced version of the standard/common dental elevator for animal tooth extraction. It features a c-round tip with a blade making a wing-like structure at one side that helps cut the periodontal ligaments efficiently.

Moreover, it has a short stubby handle that ensures a comfortable hand grip while luxating the animal teeth. Veterinary dentists can get this special dental elevator in several size variations to fit the gum size of different teeth.

•   WingLux Luxating Winged Elevator

The WingLux is an advanced form of the winged elevator. It is a delicate instrument with the tip making a wing-type structure on both sides of the blade, contrary to the winged elevator.

The appropriate tip size of the instrument perfectly fits the crown and gumline of the teeth. This sharp dental tool can easily glide into the periodontal ligaments of animal teeth.

Moreover, with this instrument, veterinary practitioners can efficiently cut the ligaments at several places.

Most importantly, this advanced animal dental tool is meant to cut the ligaments, not elevate the teeth.

•   GLux Luxating Elevator

The only difference between WingLux and Glux is that the former has a slightly winged blade at one side, while the latter has no winged edge. Instead, it features an almost flat tip with a c-rounded tip.

This type of veterinary dental elevator makes periodontal cutting easier and more smooth. There is no chance of damaging the gum or adjacent teeth while luxating the teeth with the Glux Luxating Elevator.

•   Luxating WingAngle

It is the most innovative form of all kinds of dental elevators. It features a winged tip with an angled edge. The sharp edge glides into the periodontal ligaments and swiftly cuts them with a rocking motion.

Like WingLux, it is also ideal for cutting and severing the ligaments, not elevating the teeth. Similarly, it comes in multiple size variations. Moreover, each size is available in both right and angle edges.

Veterinary Dental Extraction Forceps

Extraction forceps are the second most important veterinary dental instruments after elevators. These are helpful in removing the animal tooth loosened and elevated by the dental elevator.

These animal dental tools come in multiple sizes and design variations. For the extraction of each tooth, there’s a special number of extraction forceps. Let’s discuss some of the most important veterinary dental extraction forceps.

•   Atraumatic Pediatric Extraction Forceps

These are robustly structured dental forceps ideal for extracting the teeth of small animals, such as canines and felines. The serrated beaks of these advanced animal dental instruments ensure a firm grip on the tooth while extracting it.

Moreover, the fenestrated handle of these forceps makes them lightweight and comfortable to hold. Additionally, they feature a self-opening spring system for extra safety.

Above all, for the convenience of veterinary dental practitioners, these extraction forceps are available in several variations.

•   American Pattern Forceps

The innovative American pattern veterinary dental forceps are helpful in extracting molars, incisors, and apical teeth in small animals. These forceps feature slightly longer beaks with multiple patterns. The jaw design of the instrument varies according to the position of the molars and wisdom teeth.

In addition, American pattern forceps have slightly slim plier design handles to ensure a comfortable hand grip, improving control during the procedure.

•   Extracting Forceps English Pattern

This advanced pattern of dental extraction forceps is ideal for removing wisdom teeth, incisors, molars, premolars, roots, and canines in small animals. The ergonomic design of these veterinary dental instruments ensures atraumatic animal tooth extraction.

Veterinary dental surgeons can get these extraction forceps in multiple numbers according to the types and sizes of the teeth.

Where to Buy Reliable Animal Dental Tools

Buying reliable instruments can be challenging for veterinary practitioners. However, an effective procedure is not possible without efficient veterinary dental instruments.

You can find various manufacturers and suppliers of animal dentistry instruments in the market, but the question is quality. For that, GerVetUSA Inc., has a solid reputation. They not also supply but also manufacture their instruments for veterinarians.

Moreover, all their animal dental instruments are made keeping in mind the needs of modern dentistry. You can contact them anytime to buy the veterinary instruments you need.


Is it suitable to elevate animal teeth with WingAngle?

No, WingAngle is a delicate dental instrument that helps cut the ligaments, not elevate the teeth.

What to consider while buying veterinary dental instruments?

While buying animal dental tools, veterinary dentists must ensure that the instruments are comfortable to hold and ergonomic in design. The quality of the tools is also important to consider.

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