15 Most Beautiful Iceland Mountains You Must Visit

most beautiful icelandic mountains

Many of Iceland’s stunning mountain peaks are well-known across the globe and draw millions of tourists. The Iceland mountains provide a wide variety to discover, from rocky valleys rich in priceless minerals to snow-capped summits ideal for skiing.

You won’t be dissatisfied with what these well-known mountains have to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer, an avid hiker, or just searching for an incredible view, you will find Iceland fabulous.

Top 15 Iceland Mountains

You be excited to know which mountains in Iceland are the most beautiful? What makes them unique, and where can you locate them? How many mountains are in Iceland; Are all mountains volcanic?

Well, driving around Iceland is a really unique experience. The credit all goes to the country’s diversified terrain, spectacular mountains, volcanoes, and craters.

In this blog, you will learn all you need to know about the 15 most stunning mountains in Iceland, You will also get to know how to trek up to these Icelandic mountains and take amazing photos.

So let’s get started with the 15 most beautiful Iceland mountain ranges.

1. Hvannadalshnúkur—The Tallest Icelandic Mountain

The Raefajökull volcanic glacier is in Vatnajokull National Park. It is home to Iceland’s highest peak. The Ice always covers the top of Hvannadalshnkur, which is nearly 6,950 feet high. This mountain will be easiest to locate if you are traveling from Vik to the Glacier Lagoon.

Hvannadalshnúkur—The Tallest Icelandic Mountain

While you don’t absolutely require a local guide to go trekking close to the mountain, those who want to climb its top should give the idea some serious thought as they will be traveling across ice terrain, uncharted crevasses, and high slopes.

2. Vestrahorn

In the southeast of Iceland, there lies Vestrahorn Mountain, which is breathtakingly magnificent. Basalt columns, millions of years ago, make up its 454-meter height.

Vestrahorn Mountain

Vestrahorn’s distinct beauty has enchanted both adventurers and photographers. Factually, its spectacular scenery provides an unmatched exploring experience. The mountain is a prominent landmark for travelers in the area. The reason is you can see it in cities and villages close by.

Vestrahorn Mountain is quite challenging to get there, but it is well worth the effort. Its surreal beauty will astound you.

Moreover, Vestrahorn’s natural surroundings make it a great place for camping, hiking, or just soaking in the spectacular views. To make it memorable, you can take pictures of some of the most breathtaking surroundings at this famous Iceland mountain.

3. Keilir, Reykjanes Peninsula

On your trip from Keflavik International Airport to the city of Reykjavik, on the East of the Ring Road, you’ll first see this iconic cone-shaped peak. It is accurate to say that Keilir resembles the usual volcano you may sketch as a child. Basically, a volcanic fissure created this famous mountain in Iceland. The eruption occurred beneath a 300-meter-thick ice covering. As a result, it covered the Reykjanes Peninsula during the last glacial epoch.

Keilir, Reykjanes Peninsula Mountain

We can now see this 378-meter-high volcano because of the accumulation of eruptive debris in a crevice of the ice. You’ll remember one of these interactions for a very long time since it’s where your trip begins!
It is one of the famous Iceland hills.

4. Herðubreið

As a fun fact, in 2002, Herðubreið was Iceland’s “National Mountain”. It is the tallest peak on the list at 5,518 feet. Its northernmost reaches contain some of the most picturesque scenery. This famous mountain in Iceland is located directly on top of Odadahraun, the biggest lava field in the nation.

Herðubreið Mountain

Herðubreið is undoubtedly one of Iceland’s most stunning peaks because it is the only one in the area and stands alone.

With no nearby rival Iceland mountains, the significant difference in height between Herubrei and Odadahraun is a visual treat.

5. Vestrahorn, Brunnhorn & Eystrahorn, East Iceland

Vestrahorn will not fail to move you with its majestic mountain peaks, green dunes, and abundant birds. Together with Eystrahorn and Brunnhorn, they provide the ideal photographic backdrops, particularly when reflected in the damp sands.

Vestrahorn, Brunnhorn & Eystrahorn Mountain

Due to the three peaks’ resemblance to Batman’s trademark, Brunnhorn, which is on the east of Vestrahorn, is lovingly known by locals as the Batman Mountains.

Moreover, Vestrahorn, which has these hues of green and black, is among the unusual mountains in Iceland constructed of gabbro, not basalt, according to geological theory.

6. Kerling

The 5,045 feet tall Kerling stands in the west, in a mostly unpopulated region. But this attraction is more than simply a lofty mountain summit.

Kerling Mountain

Kerling Cliff, sometimes called “Old Hag,” makes up a significant portion of this region. According to legend, this mountain was formerly a female troll. According to legend, three trolls planned to transform the Westfjords into an island. Two of the trolls dug from the west, and the female troll dug from the east.

The trolls stopped working when the morning was about to break and realized that the Westfjords were still not an island. The two trolls who were excavating in the west observed all the islands they had made and the dearth of islands in the east. As a result of their disagreement, the trolls parted ways, and the female of the species built one island before being scorched by the sun.

7. Hekla, South Iceland

Hekla is on the list of top Iceland mountain ranges it is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes. It proudly dominates the wide Southern Lowlands at 1491 meters tall with a 5-kilometer long peak. As for now, it’s dormant and waiting for its next eruption.

Hekla, South Iceland Mountain

Hekla has recently had some minor eruptions. Once upon a time, when these were so terrible that many thought Hekla was the entrance to Hell itself!

Historically, the most recent eruptions, which date from 1947–1948, 1970, 1980–1981, and 1991–2000, are among the more than 20 that have occurred. Now, Hekla may suddenly explode!

8. Eyjafjallajökull

The large eruption that occurred in 2010 is likely the most well-known feature of the stratovolcano Eyjafjallajökull. Actually, it is a feature of Iceland’s south.

Eyjafjallajökull Mountain

The peak is 1,666 meters high and typically covered with snow and ice, which causes glaciers to grow on its slopes. There are rivers around Eyjafjallajökull, making it well-known. The Thorsmbla glacier river is the one that flows deep into the valley below. Basically, these glaciers serve as meltwater sources.

To get to Eyjafjallajökull, you may either drive there or join one of the various excursions that go up its summit. In addition, you can take in the breathtaking views and come up close to the potent energy of an active volcano.

Apart from that, a number of campgrounds are also close by, enabling you to stay longer and explore this stunning area of Iceland.

Eyjafjallajökull is among the 15 most beautiful Iceland mountains.

9. Helgafell

The stunning 73-meter-tall Helgafell Mountain is located in West Iceland’s Snaefellsnes peninsula. It has historical value that goes all the way back to Landnáma. It is the Book of Settlement, the first-ever record of Iceland’s colonization.

Helgafell Mountain

Visitors may enjoy stunning views of Breiafjörur Bay and many other regions around Helgafell Mountain. For anybody searching for life-changing experiences and wonderful memories, this mountain undoubtedly provides the chance to explore some special historical locations in Iceland.

10. Landmannalaugar

Iceland’s highlands are home to the fantastical scenery of Landmannalaugar. Rhyolite mountains of various colors, boiling hot springs, lava fields, and lush green valleys make up the region’s famed and frequently contrasting landscape.

Hvannadalshnúkur, Iceland Mountain

Since the 18th century, this region has been a place to unwind or partake in activities. Numerous sports are available, including rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, and trekking on glaciers. Additionally, by camping close to some amazing natural treasures, Landmannalaugar gives you a chance to enjoy nature at its finest.

It is one of the most stunning mountains in Iceland.

11. Lómagnúpur

You can see the towering barrier, known as Lómagnpur, in Southern Iceland next to the ring road. Usually, people drive by this 764 m (2507 ft) rock because they are unaware of how picturesque the surroundings are, despite the fact that it is eye-catching when traveling down the south coast.

Mountain Lómagnúpur

Lómagnpur, among the most beautiful Icelandic mountains, provides several excellent photographic foregrounds, such as lakes for reflection, a gravel road for leading lines, and the volcanic sand from which the mountain rises.

This famous mountain in Iceland is referenced in the Brennu-Njáls Saga if you’re interested in the Icelandic saga. The mountain occurs in a dream that Flosi had in which he murdered Njáll and a giant emerged from a rock to foretell the demise of his people.

12. Blatindur Mountain

This Westman Islandic mountain has a grassy bank all the way to the summit and a steep bird cliff on the opposite side. From the summit, you can view all of the Westman Islands as well as the Herjólfsdalur valley, which is where Iceland’s largest festival takes place every summer. It looms over the low-lying valley and is extremely majestic from the ground.

Blatindur Mountain

It takes about 20 minutes to fly from Reykjavik to the Westman Islands. You can also drive to Landeyjahöfn Harbour in southern Iceland and take a boat or a short flight (6 minutes) to the Westman Islands. This means you can bring your car.

The journey from Reykjavik to Landeyjahöfn harbor takes around two hours, but the boat ride just takes 35 minutes. Before you get to Seljalandsfoss waterfall, you turn right towards Landeyjahöfn or Bakki airport after passing Hvolsvöllur on the ring road.

13. Kirjufell Mountain

The breathtaking Kirkjufell mountain and the neighboring Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall make for one of Iceland’s most popular picture subjects. The most interesting thing to note is that this Iceland mountain is referred to in Game of Thrones as Arrowhead Mountain. In the season, it is one of the sights outside The Wall.

Kirjufell mountain

Actually, it is situated on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in West Iceland. Additionally, it is the location of the Night King’s birth, and in Season 6, when Bran encounters the Night King and his army, you can see the Kirkjufell.

14. Trölladyngja

This mountain is also known as “Troll Mountain,” but the name may have already given it away. It’s worth spending the time to visit this area, more especially the Krsuvk Geothermal Area because the nearby slopes have developed some lovely color schemes as a result of the geothermal activity.

Trölladyngja Mountain

The adjacent Graenadyngja, or “Green Mountain,” is a little taller at 1,289 feet, so even though it is just 902 feet tall, your trek will reward you with views of two mountains.

Even for individuals who have very little experience trekking, both mountains are definitely worth the trip. If you’re seeking vistas, consider taking the route from Trölladyngja to Grnadyngja; you’ll travel through a beautiful valley on your way between peaks.

15. Hornbjarg Mountain

Hornbjarg Mountain is the last, but certainly not the least, that should be highlighted here. It is one of the most challenging mountains in Iceland to climb. It is a portion of Hornstrandir, which is the most isolated region and may be translated as Corner Shores. Hornstrandir situates at the northernmost point of the Westfjords.

Hornbjarg Mountain

Formerly, there were some residents here, but everyone departed in the 1950s. This is a wonderful location for birdwatchers and anyone hoping to see an arctic fox. in addition, it offers a stunning landscape, isolation, and complete tranquillity. There are no roads that go to Hornstrandir; instead, you must take a boat from Safjörur or Bolungarvk.

Read The Final Comment!

If you enjoy the outdoors and are seeking a great destination to trek, Iceland mountains should be at the top of your list. Iceland hiking is a unique experience with its varied landscapes and fantastic sights.

For hikers of all skill levels, from novice to experienced, Iceland hill and Iceland mountain ranges provide a variety of pathways. So be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience by packing your luggage and tying your boots in the most beautiful Icelandic Mountains.


How many mountains are in Iceland?

Iceland provides unrivaled prospects for adventure thanks to the continent’s biggest glaciers, gorgeous fjords, and active volcanoes. In total, with names, the country owns 4,145 mountains.

Are all mountains volcanic in Iceland?

No, not all Icelandic Mountains are volcanic. The list of those Iceland Mountains experiencing volcanic activities includes Eyjafjallajökull, Fagradalsfjall, Herðubreið, Askja, Öræfajökull, Katla, Grímsvötn, Hekla, and Bárðarbunga.

Which is the tallest Iceland mountain?

Raefajökull, Iceland’s biggest mountain, is home to Hvannadalshnjkur, the highest mountain in the nation with an approximate height of 2,110 m/6,922 ft.

What mountain in Iceland is the oldest?

The Snfell Mountain is the oldest mountain in Iceland; Around Snfell, the lava is 300–400 thousand years old.

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